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#79203 by JUS
Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:21 am
01 Which disease is characterised by spasmodic contraction of muscles is also called Lockjaw? TETANUS
02 Which disease killed more people in 1918 than had died in the First World War? FLU
03 What is the only human disease to have been completely eradicated from the population? SMALLPOX
04 Which part of the body is affected by Bright`s disease? KIDNEYS
05 The lack of which vitimin can cause the disease Beriberi? ITS DEF A B B1?
06 Which part of the body is affected by pyorrhoea? GUMS
07 By what name is the infectious disease Epidermis Parotitis better known?MUMPS????????
08 Which viral disease is characterised by a violent fear of water? RABIES
09 Which disease killed Al Capone? SYPHILIS
10 Which fungal disease came to Britain in the 60's, killing over 25million?DUTCH ELM DISEASE?