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#133363 by DanielFullard
Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:09 pm
Well here we go again folks, testing your knowledge of the weeks news. The answers as usual are in the comment box………

1. Which former presenter of Blockbusters sadly passed away this week?
2. …and which MP got into trouble for referring to the show as Blackbusters in a tweet about the death?
3. Which Labour MP is in trouble again over racist Twitter remarks?
4. Who plays Dennis Thatcher in “The Iron Ladyâ€Â￾ released this week?
5. Who broke his leg in preparations for the new series of Dancing on Ice?
6. …and who replaced him on the show?
7. Kate Middleton celebrates which Birthday this week?
8. Which pop star, who shares his Birthday with Elvis turned 65 this week?
9. Stephen Hawkings also celebrated a Birthday on the same day as the above, who is older Hawkings or the answer to question 8?
10. Which darts player is seeking his third consecutive title in the BDO World championships being shown on the BBC this week?
11. Which radio presenter and TV personality used his Radio Show to appeal for the finding of his stolen car?
12. Who’s marriage to Vanessa Paradis was reported as breaking down this week?
13. Which side performed the biggest FA Cup upset of the round by beating Premiership side Wigan 2-1?
14. Which footballer is to take legal action against an Indian company who used his image on a packet of cigarettes?
15. Elvis Presley would have celebrated what Birthday this week?
16. William Hague toured which country this week?
17. A man has been charged over allegedly racially abusing which former footballer on Twitter?
18. Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter this week, who was the first person he added/tweeted?
19. A London double decker bus crashed into a branch of which supermarket chain?
20. The ANC (African National Congress) celebrated which anniversary this week?

Answers at http://thequizaddict.blogspot.com/ in the comment box with the questions

#133369 by wildrover
Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:50 pm
Nice set Daniel and an interesting blog that I've added to my favourites...

#133491 by Buzzie
Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:40 am
As have I, very interesting & well written