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#167615 by sscotsman
Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:24 pm
I have an idea for how to identify cheats in your quiz.

It will need the approval of the Webmaster, but here is my suggestion.

For this to work I need to make some unsearchable words in this post but here goes. I do not want google to bring up this post if anyone searches for the appropriate key word.

I could submit a 10 question quiz to the webmaster. Nine of the questions would be legit questions and answers.

One of the questions would be (properly spelled of course) -
what is the following phobia a fear of (the word is spelled eff oh ess oh en oh phobia)
the answer is skwidd inhk (OK - the correct spelling of it.)

No such phobia exists. I made it up.

If my quiz is published and you ask that particular question in your quiz, no one should get it right, because there is no way to guess such an answer. Anyone who gets it right MUST have googled the word, got a link to the appropriate quiz zone quiz and copied the answer from there.

What do you think folks?