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#132005 by OliverWoods
Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:00 am
Hi guys,

Do you know your Cheeses? Then why not enter this amazing cheesy quiz to win some cheese from online cheese monger Farmison.com.

Cheese Box Quiz

This is a bit of a different quiz than you usally have but here goes;

To enter you have to Like their Facebook Page and the answer the following cheesy questions;

I am a semi-hard cheese made from the milk of cows. I tend to be Orange in colour. I am named after a city in Europe, what cheese am I? *
First made in the 18th century in Normandy I am a soft and creamy cheese and typically come in a round wooden box. I have a thin edible white rind. What cheese am I? *
I am an English cheese with a strong smell and taste. I can be produced in 2 varieties. I form my own coat for Christmas to keep my delicate blue veins warm. What cheese am I? *
I am not derived from the same base as the others; this contributes towards my characteristically tart flavour. My texture is soft and I can be served hot or cold. What cheese am I? *
I am named after the county in which I originated and my name comes from my colour too. I am a hard pressed cheese with a sweet mellow flavour. What cheese am I? *
I am the most widely purchased cheese in the world, I have a hard texture with a natural rind and I tend to be pale yellow in colour. What cheese am I? *
I am a white brined curd cheese and I am crumbly in texture. I come from a foreign land. I taste tangy and salty and can be mild or taste sharp. What cheese am I? *
I am a foreign cheese with a high melting point, I am often fried or grilled. To look at I am white and I have a soft and salty texture. What cheese am I? *
I am a hard cheese named after the foreign areas that I was produced in. I am a king among cheeses with a pungent smell and I am most often used by sprinkling. What cheese am I? *
I am a yellow cheese from Switzerland. Covered in craters I have a savoury, non-sharp taste. What cheese am I? *
I have 5 main varieties and a unique flavour for which I am renowned. A famous cartoon inventor is very fond of me! Which cheese am I? *
I ooze and goo and am great for melting. Cut from a larger wheel I originate from Seine-et-Marne. I am pale in colour and have a strong smell and a white rind. What cheese am I? *[url][/url]