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#167661 by kelster
Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:54 pm
Hi, I need help with the following questions for an ancient boundaries of Yorkshire quiz. All answers can be found in or partly in the ancient boundaries of Yorkshire:

1. Characters mostly held back unfavourably (10) (2 words)
2. Isle possessing band (10) (3 words)
3. Star turn is taken into account (8)

Add or include "brough" or "thwaite" with the following:

4. Make zero return (10)
5. Ragged around the centre (12)
6. Starting without trap (12)
7. Central heating is working (9)
8. County with no rent (12)
9. Pay deductions made in company's building (17) (2 words)
10. Backward, shy with range of knowledge (13)
11. Bend before summit (12) (2 words)
12. Large measurement encompassing identical notes (13)