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March 2002    (Questions 41 to 60 of 118)
The song `Tomorrow` features in which musical?
What type of animals are the cartoon characters Chip and Dale?
Who had top ten hits in the 1980s with the singles `Complex`, `We Are Glass` and `She`s Got Claws`?
Who wrote the book `A Brief History Of Time`?
Which TV series featured a space-ship called `Jupiter 11`?
Who is Amelia Fieldmouse`s famous cartoon brother?
Who sang `Just A Little Bit`, Britain`s entry to the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest?
How many of the Beatles` were left handed?
What is the sum of the internal angles in a pentagon?
Which actress said `I always did like a man in uniform. And that one fits you grand. Why don`t you come up sometime and see me?`
Which pop star died three days before Groucho Marx?
Who had a hit album in 2002 called `One Love`?
What nationality was the artist Rembrandt?
Which note do an orchestra normally tune to? A, C or G?
Where in the human body would you find the metatarsals?
Which footballer was England`s first black player?
What is the capital of Syria?
What is the name of Bart Simpson`s dog?
Who had a hit in 1997 with `Tubthumping`?
What are the names of John Lennon`s two sons?
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