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April 2003    (Questions 81 to 100 of 109)
Who was the Roman Goddess of beauty and love?
In the first Harry Potter book, which platform does Harry have to go to catch the train to Hogwarts?
Nine and three quarters
Which black American won 4 gold medals in 1936 Olympics in Berlin?
Jesse Owens
How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
Cliff Richard sang which song in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest?
What was the title of the England Football teams` 1970 World Cup song?
`Back Home`
Gorgonzola cheese comes from which country?
For how many years did Louis XIV of France reign?
In which city did Roger Bannister become the first person to break the 4 minute mile barrier?
Who directed the 2001 film `The Royal Tenenbaums`? Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson or Wes Anderson?
Wes Anderson
Who wrote the song `White Christmas`?
Irving Berlin
Where on the Greek flag does the cross appear? The top left of the top right?
Top left
What were the christian names of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
Henry (Jekyll) and Edward (Hyde)
Which famous singer had a twin brother called Jesse who died at birth?
Elvis Presley
Which actress starred in the films `Addicted To Love`, `City Of Angels` and `Courage Under Fire`?
Meg Ryan
Chris Boardman is famous for what sport?
What was the title of Oasis` first number one UK hit single?
`Some Might Say`
If you were born in June, you must be one of which two star signs?
Gemini and Cancer
Which of the following Shakespeare plays would not be classed as histories? King John, King Lear or Richard III?
King Lear
In which city is the headquarters of the United Nations?
New York
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