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Running A Quiz
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1 Which International football team play their home matches at the Azteca?
2 How many points would you get for a perfect game in ten-pin bowling?
3 How old was boxer Mike Tyson when he beat Trevor Berbick to become the youngest ever heavyweight champion?
4 Austrian football team Sturm Graz's football stadium is named after which famous actor?
5 In which sport are competitors not allowed to play left-handed?
6 Which golfer is nicknamed El Nino?
7 The Olympic Tri-athlon consists of cycling, running and which other event?
8 In what sport could you use an Iron Mike when training?
9 What is the maximum number of clubs that a golfer is allowed to start a round with?
10 China, Saudi Arabia and which other team failed to score a goal in the World Cup Finals of 2002?
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