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#168308 by Quizrus
Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:56 am
Hi all!

I am from Russia and just recently got acquinted with the quiz culture. We are going to play quiz with my friends and I am collecting questions from people all around the world, especially from the UK.

Would you like to take part? You will need to make a short video with the question (not longer than 30 seconds) and a short video with the answer (again, not longer than 30 seconds). It might be of any subject, but possible to guess.

For example: What year did Chechoslovakia divide in two countries is a bad question, because there are no chances to answer it correctly, unless you know it for sure. But, what is the main food for the walrus is OK, because you can try to remember TV programs you have watched, make some analysis and guess, even if you do not know.

At the end, players will choose the best question. I will make the video of the round with the questions and send it to you, if you want. Also, If your question wins you will get a prize:-)

Feel free to ask any detailed information here or just send me a message.

Thank you in advance!