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Seen a great idea in your local pub quiz? Looking for advice on how to run your own one? Use this forum to discuss anything to do with setting and running quizzes.

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#79313 by mrxjn
Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:16 pm
Hi mulviel,

I'm not a great quizzer myself, but I do like to make quizzes for my friends and family. When I create a quiz like that I try to make funny or interesting questions people will remember. So my quizzes are not difficult to do and for all ages (it will surely not be the smartest who wins ;)).
I've put all my experience online on a site. Its full of tips for the type of quiz you need I think. So you could even make your own improvised quiz. The url is in my signature.
I hope it will be useful to you.

Best regards,

#79314 by wildrover
Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:34 pm
Here's my effort - it's an amalgam of one I did last year for this age group (but maybe more 14-17) with a few appropriate ones from quizzes I've done since - you should be able to pick a few out.

1. Which company sells the Walkman brand of audio/video players? SONY
2. The original blue-and-silver Walkman model went on sale in Japan in what year (2 years either way) 1979
3. Young actor Robert Pattinson is playing the vampire Edward Cullen in what film based on a book by Stephanie Mayer to be released in December 2008? TWILIGHT
4. What part did Robert play in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where he is murdered by Lord Voldemort? CEDRIC DIGGORY
5. Which Number 1 do these lyrics come from:
"Couldn't keep hold of you then
how could I know what you meant
there was nothing to compare too
I know everything changes
All the cities and faces" ABOUT YOU NOW
6. How many days to the nearest day does it take the moon to travel completely round the earth? 28
7. If you wanted a wall to reflect as much light as possible what colour would you paint it? WHITE
8. Which of the four countries of the UK does the island of Anglesey lie off? WALES
9. Name either of the two cities where the European parliament is based. BRUSSELS/STRASBOURG
10. The June 2008 series of Big Brother is a)7th series b) 8th series c)9th series? 9th
11. Which TV series features 3 witches who are sisters called Piper. Prue and Phoebe? CHARMED
12. In cookery, rigotoni, tortellini and cannelloni are all types of what? PASTA
13. In football, which two English teams qualified for the Champions League competition but didn't make the final? ARSENAL/LIVERPOOL
14. In gardening what 'A' is a small plot of rented land used for growing vegetables and flowers? ALLOTMENT
15. What is the name given to the fear of being crowded in an enclosed space? CLAUSTROPHOBIA
16. Which Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is mainly set in a Paris Opera House? PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
17. What brand of beer does Homer normally drink in The Simpsons? DUFF's
18. Nirvana, karma and samsara are beliefs in what religion? BUDDHISM
19. Which of these composers lived most recently - a) Handel b) Bach c)Vivaldi d)Verdi? VERDI
20. In what country is Rio de Janeiro? BRAZIL
21. Lack of which hormone causes diabetes meaning people with diabetes need to inject themselves with extra doses of the hormone? INSULIN
22. To whom is actress Angelina Jolie married? BRAD PITT
23. In a BBC programme in which town does Miss Hooley teach? BALAMORY
24. Which manufacturer makes 40% of the world's mobile phones and which country are they based in? NOKIA/FINLAND 1 each
25. What geographic feature can be described as active, dormant or extinct? VOLCANO
26. Newfoundlands and Mastiffs are large breeds of which animal? DOGS
27. How many players in a Rugby Union team? 15
28. What would you have if you had a pair of Jimmy Choos? SHOES
29. Which Disney character and real life historical person married John Rolfe in 1614? POCOHONTAS
TIE BREAK In 2006 what was the percentage of pupils achieving 5 or more A* to C grades at GCSE and equivalent including English and maths? God I love depressing them with this one :D 45%

#79319 by wildrover
Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:46 am
22. Correction to this question - who has been actress Angelina Jolie's partner for the last 3 years. (If you want to add a bonus question - how many children do they have including adopted ones) BRAD PITT; they currently have 4 children of which 3 are adopted but they are expecting twins soon so the answer could be 6, depends on the timing of the question! Thanks to Sav for his due diligence on the questions....

#79349 by mulviel
Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:06 pm