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Seen a great idea in your local pub quiz? Looking for advice on how to run your own one? Use this forum to discuss anything to do with setting and running quizzes.

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#149342 by canine plums
Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:21 pm
I recently was asked to be the guest quiz master for a local community quiz I attend.

The scoreboard they put up on their projector is merely a manual scoreboard on an Excel spread sheet, so I thought it about time to use some of the more exciting features of Excel and create a scoreboard that does that little bit more, can't be screwed up by incompetent users and is easy for competitors to understand.

I have produced my 2.0 version, so to speak, but as is my way, I am always trying to improve it.

For example it works out the position of each team as you enter the scores, so no need to rejiggle things after the last round.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what would be a good feature on a scoreboard please tell me and I will try and incorporate your idea.

If anyone would like a copy of he Excel sheet, which is an xlsx file PM me your email addressand I will forward it to you, and then please feel free to use it, if you.like it.