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Seen a great idea in your local pub quiz? Looking for advice on how to run your own one? Use this forum to discuss anything to do with setting and running quizzes.

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#159088 by twoshorts
Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:29 pm
HI all
Just wondering what you all think is a reasonable price to charge for running a quiz in a pub nowadays?
Been running one for a while along with 2 games of Sticky 13s and I find quiz-masters tend to get paid quite a lot less than a single acoustic artist gets for instance.
My wife and I run the quizzes and do lots of front of house. We've been approached to do one for another pub and wonder if we're pricing ourselves right.
Meant to say we're East Midlands based which can make a difference.

#159553 by canine plums
Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:51 pm
It depends how much you think they think you are worth!

Let's face it the reason chummy wants a quiz in his pub is to sell more beer.

If he would usually have three men and a dog in in pub, and his aim is to get a full pub to do the quiz consider what you are worth to him. Alright there are costs involved to him but he will be making a profit.

Your observation about other performers being paid more is because most of your work is done before the event writing and checking questions, which is something they don't see.

When you get your car serviced they don't give you one figure on a bill, it is broken down into small numbers which add up to a lot.

Price up what you do and then give him your menu to choice from:

There will be a set price for your time on the evening, half an hour travel and two hours there even at minimum wage is £16.25

If you are providing the PA system or a projector you mush charge for that. How else will you be able to replace them when they have worn out.

How many round will he want? (If you say £10 per round - then you can raise your price if after a couple of weeks he wants the quiz to last longer to sell more beer.)

Of course that was £10 a round for 6 question rounds. 10 question rounds will be more!!

Will he want you to prepare a hand out round? Remember the extra cost of duplication.

Will you be providing the answer papers? A cost for that too.

So in your quote highlight what you do. The questions are original and not from a book or the same website each week and are different from those asked at the pub down the road last week:

As an example:

Writing x rounds of x original questions in each round £x
Marathon/hand out round (call it what you will) £x
Use of PA system etc. £x
Supply of answers sheets and box of loan pens £x
Time of the night reading, marking and scoring at min wage £32.50
2.5 hours each remembering there are two of you.

If they you don't tell them what you are going to do for them how can they begin to understand its value!

If you did it like that you will get a higher price, plus if it goes well and finished earlier than he would like you can suggest you have more rounds which from the model he has already seen he will know will cost him more.

Good luck