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Seen a great idea in your local pub quiz? Looking for advice on how to run your own one? Use this forum to discuss anything to do with setting and running quizzes.

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#159331 by Zevon
Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:22 am
Don't know if you remember me I used to post hear quite a bit way back when, I have had a difficult year but may be posting a bit more fingers crossed.

I have been asked to set a quiz and my hand out round is going to be Cryptic TV shows for instance "Just Like The Olympic Torch" the answer obviously "Not Going Out" Just wondering should i put the words and letters after the clue i.e. (3/5/3) or would that make it to easy?

I am asking for advice as my quizzing is well rusty.

Thanks in advance, Sam.

#159337 by Rob_Bob
Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:21 pm
Hi Sam

I think I would go with the word number version i.e. 3/5/3 personally


#159345 by JUS
Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:58 pm
I'd go with the numbers too, but make sure the cryptic clues are stinkers :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

#159388 by Zevon
Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:59 am
Thanks Guys will post in the swap section next week.