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Lots of questions on different subjects where you have to try to answer the latest question and if you are right then its your turn to ask the next question.

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#168408 by kelster
Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:24 pm
Hi, im trying to complete a 'Yorkshire Boundaries' cryptic quiz and im struggling with a few of the answers. All the answers can be found in or partly in the ancient boundaries of Yorkshire. Ive included the answers ive though next to the questions as well, i would be really thankful and grateful if anyone can please help me out with the correct answers and checking my answers too. The questions are all listed below with the number of letters/ words in brackets and also listed with some of the answers ive thought of,

6. Science of green targets (7). Answer i thought: Darfield
10. Out of his tree the apple fell (5). Answer i thought Leeds
11. Reject position (10) (2 words).
20. George VI, Elizabeth II, William III, James II, Henry III and Edward VI (6). Answer i thought: Cadeby
21. Confused wag ate pickled newt (7). Answer i thought: Wetwang
22. Badly shaken female with love to stop (11) (2 words). Answer i thought: Bramham Park
23. Counter depression, be in debt to the last dollar! (11) (2 words). Answer i thought: Marmion Tower
24. Unendingly spotless alongside novice within social order (12) (2 words).
25. Strengthen bog perhaps before two animals take auditions (24) (4 words). Answer i thought: Walled Gardens at Scampston
26. Edge back and take evenly of wider lady (8). Answer i thought: Beverley
27. Possessed one point lead (8) (2 words).
28. Essential to be working (6). Answer i thought: Warter
30. Hardly any have most of weight! (7). Answer i thought: Bempton
31. Confuse mongrel with potholes (17) (3 words) Answer i thought: Temple Newsam House
32. Small man swallows two thirds of mollusc (7).Answer i thought: Boynton
33. Half of crew point out canoe wreck! (6). Answer i thought: Cawood
34. Blood shed on mud before repairing leak (12) (2 words).
35. Finish in heated compartment (7). Answer i thought: Swinton
36. Act now initially with most of cash, to start roundabout (9).
37. Question Stanley about last Yorkshire canyon (13) (3 words). Answer i thought: Robin Hoods Bay
38. It is in painting being displayed (14) (2 words). Answer i thought: Market Weighton
39. 100010 Won 050500 (7). Answer i thought: Answer i thought: Bossall
40. Heartless weeds scattered in city (8). Answer i thought: Hatfield
41. Should i cross over? (12).
42. Dodgy deals include restructured owning (10). Answer i thought: Mexborough
43. Ponder core of slumps after river depression (17) (3 words).
44. County losing former urban area (11) Answer i thought: Ingleborough
45. Flower with blue head (13) (2 words).
46. Shape man with middle of belt (12) (2 words). Answer i thought: Castle Howard

Thankyou for any help with trying to find the correct answers and checking my answers as well, thanks,