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Lots of questions on different subjects where you have to try to answer the latest question and if you are right then its your turn to ask the next question.

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#168794 by Questionsgems
Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:47 am
When your two best friends argue, do you pick sides or stay out of it?
A. Support the friend you like better.
B. Support the friend that appeals to you first.
C. Stay out of the fight.
Your best friend forgot to write an important essay for homework. Do you…
A. Help them, but without letting them copy.
B. Let them copy yours.
C. Refuse to help.
You found a way to escape school without being caught. Do you…
A. Tell your best friend, and skip an unimportant class together.
B. Tell a bunch of your friends, and skip several classes.
C. Tell complete strangers, but don’t skip any classes.
D. Tell no one and skip any class you don’t feel like attending.
You’re about to take a notoriously difficult test in a few hours, and you pass the teacher giving it in the halls. They drop the test answers but don’t notice. You…
A. Pick up the test answers, and without looking at them, return them to the teacher.
B. Pick up the test answers, glance at them quickly, and then return them to the teacher.
C. Pick up the test answers and pocket them for later memorization.
D. Don’t even touch the test answers, hoping that someone else will take them. https://questionsgems.com/patronous-quiz-questions/