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#167165 by zodkthe6
Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:44 am

Review Look-alike Greubel Forsey DOUBLE TOURBILLON 30 TECHNIQUE BI-COLOR enjoy

Movements Manual Winding

Quality Japanese AAA

Case Platinum

Bracelet Alligator

Watch Clasp Flip-style clasp

A glass Sapphire crystal

Dial Color Hollow, dark-colored

Gender Guys

Diameter forty seven. 5 mm

Moment introduction of Greubel Forsey QuantièmePerpétuel demand equation, the particular display of the season, items, solstices equation, date, few days, month, and four-digit season - forever

. Before speaking about the new Greubel Forsey QuantièmePerpétuel demand equation, we must pay out Computeur machinery companies rapid also known as the Seventh Greubel Forsey invention. This little mechanical computer has many patents in the form of a birth certificates to accompany it to everything about Haute Horlogerie.

The Computeur Machinery Business is composed of the " brains" of 25 parts of some sort of machine - many of which can be coaxial rotary encoder aspect disposed in the moving portion. Each element in its routine preprogrammed unique, and therefore, inside their directions.

The Computeur is totally integrated in the movement, which can be programmed to automatically show element season, equinoxes, solstices, equation of time, date, day time, month and four-digit calendar year - forever. While this all sounds complicated, it is just about all very simple, without fear altered through a single socket destruction mechanisms: crown.

, à equation QP came in 43. 5 mm in a rounded white gold case, which is not also wide, given its gorgeous anthracite dial the number of indications in diameter. Your communication here countless. 2: 00 pm, day, date along with month power reserve 5: 00, 24 hours tray 7: 00, running seconds sub-dial in addition to notched 10 o'clock look into 24 which is from 25 ° tilt instructions seconds tourbillon. Are found in standard hollow arrow understanding all Greubel Forsey, used (and those you have not necessarily seen) is an ultimate modern day machinery installed in this huge.

Picture of time is a measure of the sunlight complications difference (sundial time) and average time (convenient 24-hour time) between. Duration depends on the sun when Global elliptical orbit around the sun's position changes (such as being a day in the sun for about of sixteen minutes in November, yet about 14 minutes reduced in February). The sign is visible around the back, from the concurrent Computeur spinning compact disk 2 sapphire crystal.

Across the back, a full measure of interior self-movement shows granular done the main plate (also the truth with brushed back compression [More Stats]) and the time is viewed in the corner of the picture. The last window displays four-digit years. In 21, six-hundred bottles and two quickly rotating balancing act superimposed barrel gave us seventy two hours power reserve.

Greubel Forsey is doing a number of its products very important. It is a recycling thing. And over and above this complex standard. Greubel Forsey not believe that " do not fix it, if it's definitely not broken. " If the QP and the new formula Perpetuelle Computeur machinery companies point out about the manufacture anything, it's the team (about 100 create about 100 pieces a new year) does not stand continue to. Even if they are similar inside La Chaux de Fonds down ramp from the new facilities.