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Geography    (Questions 1 to 20 of 734)
What is the capital of India?
In which city is the European Parliament based?
The highest temperature ever recorded outside in the shade was recorded in Azizah, in Africa. In which country is this city located?
What is the largest fresh water lake in North America?
Which South American country was named after the Italian city of Venice?
In which country is the highest mountain in South America?
How many emirates make up the United Arab Emirates?
Known as the Rio Grande in the USA, what is it called in Mexico?
Fort Knox lies in which American state?
Tokelau is a dependency of which country?
A Scottish mountain must be at least how many feet high to be called a Munro?
Name the river that flows through the city of Albuquerque in the USA.
Winnepeg is the capital of which Canadian province?
On which side of the road do people drive in Japan?
Kosciusko is the highest mountain in which country?
Which shipping forecast area is to the directly north of Ireland?
The name of which European capital city is derived from the names of two towns on either bank of its main river?
How many states of the United States of America have a Pacific coast?
What is the name of the sea that separates New Zealand and Australia?
A country historically known as Abyssinia, what is the modern name for it?

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