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Which famous group performed the first ever song on Top Of The Pops in 1964?
Which band has released albums titled Word Gets Around, Just Enough Education To Perform and Pull The Pin?
Which supermodel is seen pole dancing in the White Stripes video for the song I Just Don`t Know What To Do With Myself?
Which Beatle led the way across the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album cover?
Which world famous musician was born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar in 1946?
Which group formed in 1977 and named themselves after their financial status at that time?
What was the title of Bob the Builder`s second UK number one hit single?
Which supermaket is mentioned in Chas and Dave`s song Rabbit?
Which singer had hits with Rubber Ball and The Night Has A Thousand Eyes?
Which country did Celine Dion represent when singing in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988?
What group with a palindromic name had a hit single that was also a palindrome?
Which artist released an album and movie under the same title of Get Rich Or Die Tryin`?
Which US rapper died on September 13th 1996 after being shot in a drive-by shooting after watchin Mike Tysons comeback fight 7 days earlier?
Who wrote the Sinead O`Connor hit Nothing Compares 2 U?
Which pop singer did Debbie Rowe marry?
The pop groups Ace Of Base and The Cardigans both hail from which country?
In musical notes, which is bigger - a crotchet or a semibreve?
Which British female singer had a 2006 hit with `Rehab`?
Which Barbadian singer stayed ten weeks at number 1 with `Umbrella`?
What nationality was Mozart?

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