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Who lit the Olympic flame at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics?
Muhammad Ali
What is the highest break that can be achieved in a game of snooker?
155 (potting a free ball and then a black, followed by 15 reds, 15 blacks & all the colours)
What colour is the bullseye on a standard dartboard?
How many rounds are there in an Olympic boxing match?
What is the only Central American country in which baseball, not soccer, is the people's favourite sport?
Charlotte Edwards led England`s women to World Cup glory in which sport in March 2009?
Who won the 2009 Rugby World Sevens Cup?
Who is the only player to win a Champion`s League medal, the Premiership and the FA Cup, and to be relegated from the Premiership without going on to play in the Championship?
With which club did David Beckham make his football league debut?
Preston North End
In what year and in what country was the first FIFA world cup held?
1930, Uruguay
In which sport are the Thomas Cup, Uber Cup and Sudiman Cup tournaments played?
How many players make up an Australian rules football team?
What is the only English league football team with no letters in common with the word `mackeral`?
Swindon Town
In which event would you compete for the Borg Warner Cup?
The Indianapolis 500
In the 1966 World Cup, matches were played at two London venues. Wembley was one, but what was the other?
White City
When world boomerang throwing championships were held from 1981, which country won it in 12 out of the first 13 years?
USA (Australia only won it once)
Which category of sports men or women have been voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year the most times? Footballers, athletes or motor racing drivers?
Which US city is home to sporting teams known as the Browns, the Cavaliers and the Indians?
Cleveland (NFL, NBA and MLB teams)
After which sporting hero was Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton named?
Carl Lewis
What official number Olympiad will London`s Olympic Games be in 2012?
XXX (30) (They are sequentially numbered every 4 years since 1896 whether cancelled or not)

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