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Which children`s television show featured the characters of George, Zippy and Bungle?
What gas do all fuels need in order to burn?
When spoken by a police officer, what do the letters RTA stand for?
What is A.A. Milne most famous for?
Formed in 1976, which famous band consists of Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr?
Who had a hit single with `Crocodile Rock` in 1972?
Who played Basil Fawlty in `Fawlty Towers`?
Who is the author of the `Harry Potter` books?
Steve McLaren was manager of which football club immediately before being appointed England manager?
What is the name of the clockwork device used by musicians to measure time?
Which sport is played over four periods of 15 minutes where only two of the seven players can score?
`Question or Nominate` was a phrase commonly heard on which UK TV quiz show?
Which two colours are Dennis the Menace`s jumper?
In which film did Roy Scheider play a sheriff and Richard Dreyfus a marine biologist?
The name of which football club is an anagram of `Red Admiral`?
Which Football team overturned a 3-0 half-time score to win the Champions League final in 2005?
In the TV show `Fawlty Towers` from which city does the waiter Manuel hail?
By what name is singer Paul Hewson better known?
In 2004, Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Jason Hatch caused an embarrassing security breach at Buckingham Palace dressed as who?
What is the furthest planet from the sun?

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