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Which rebellion was defeated at the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685?
The Monmouth Rebellion
From which football club did Arsenal sign midfielder Cesc Fabregas?
Who played the role of Mr Freeze in the film Batman And Robin?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Which famous sailor was born in 1758 at Burnham Thorpe in Norfolk?
Horatio Nelson.
Which football player has cost the most money in accumulated transfer fees during his career?
Nicolas Anelka (7 Transfers £85 million)
What `amazing` name was the most popular name given to baby girls in England and Wales in 2007?
In which African country is Mount Kilimanjaro?
Who sang Walking In The Air in the original version of the Snowman?
Peter Auty
What are the first names of the twin girls in Bart`s class in The Simpsons?
Sherri and Teri
What do Germans do with a `handy`?
Make a phone call with it (it is the German name for a mobile phone)
What was the name of Yuri Gagarin`s space ship?
Vostok 1
Which character has been played by Robert Donat, Kenneth More and Robert Powell in three versions of a British movie?
Richard Hannay (in The 39 Steps)
How many faults does a competitor get if they knock a fence down in showjumping?
Barwick Green is the name of the title music to which show?
The Archers
Which island near Hong Kong is famous for gambling and motor racing?
In Stingray, what were the character names of the two female puppets?
Marina and Atlanta
What is the more common name for the type of bear called the Ursus Maritimus?
Polar bear
Which well known brand`s secret ingredient is codenamed x7?
In which Clint Eastwood film was the catchphrase `Go ahead, make my day` first used?
Sudden Impact
In the Harry Potter novels, who is the author of The Dream Oracle?
Inigo Imago

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