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In which present day city is the remains of Carthage?
In which city were the 1916 Olympic Games scheduled to take place before being cancelled due to the war?
Who was the command module pilot for Apollo 11 in 1969?
Michael Collins
What does a CB radio enthusiast refer to as a `pregnant roller skate`?
A Volkswagen Beetle
What is a swozzle used for in the field of entertainment?
It is a small gadget used in the mouth to make Punch and Judy-like sounds
What is a spurtle used for?
It's a Scottish traditional spoon to stir the oats when making porridge
Who was the wife of Odin and goddess of marriage, the home and motherhood?
Frigg (Norse mythology)
Which the actor who played `the Ugly` in The Good, The Bad And The Ugly?
Eli Wallach
Who wrote the opera The Girl Of The Golden West?
Giacome Puccini
Henry VIII is buried alongside which of his wives?
Jane Seymour
In which city would you find Canada`s largest Stock Exchange?
As at 2008, how many modern Olympiads have taken place?
By what name is acetylsalicylic acid more commonly known?
In which book did Sherlock Holmes first appear?
Study In Scarlet
A sheet of A4 paper is 210 mm wide, but how long is it?
297 mm
What is the capital of Ghana?
What is often referred to as the oil capital of Norway?
Who wrote the children`s book The Gruffalo?
Julia Donaldson
What is the name of the sequel to the film American Graffiti?
More American Graffiti
Roger Moore`s scenes in which Blake Edwards film were filmed during a break from shooting Octopussy?
Curse of the Pink Panther

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