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April 2003    (Questions 21 to 40 of 109)Snufkin, Fillyjonk and the Snorks were characters in which series of stories by Tove Jansson?What is the common name for sodium bicarbonate?Which monarch`s last words were `All my possessions for a moment of time`?In which country was Mother Theresa born?In `Ivor The Engine`, what was the name of the dragon?What happened in 1847 that is sometimes referred to as `Black Forty Seven`?In which country did Venetian blinds originate? Italy, India or Japan?In what year did the first cricket Test match take place between Australia and England?What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?Who was the first American President to die while in office?Into which ocean does the river Amazon flow?Other than humans, what are the only animals that have sex for pleasure?What was the maiden name of the bride at the first wedding watched by over 750 million people?Thurle Sandstorm was the first world champion in 1923 at what sport?Which female singer sang with Take That on the hit song `Relight My Fire`?Which female singer`s only UK top ten hit was called `Good Tradition`?Which action packed TV show won best drama award at the Emmys in 1966 and 1967?Who had a number one hit in 1980 called `Crying`?Dooley Wilson is famous for playing what piano playing character on film?With which hobby would you most associate the London firm Stanley Gibbons?

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