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April 2003    (Questions 41 to 60 of 109)In what sport is the `Fosbury flop` technique used?What does ASCII stand for in computing?Who wrote the 2001 biographical book called `Billy`?Who was Queen Elizabeth II`s father?With what game would you associate Bobby Fischer?Who played Miss Jones in the TV show `Rising Damp`?When did the first successful parachute jump take place?What colour is the cross on the national flag of Switzerland?Which famous raid did Guy Gibson lead in 1943?Which famous Hollywood actor (not including Presidents) had the highest military rank as a Brigadier General in the US Army Reserve?Who, in 1901, was the first man to send a Radio Telegraph signal across the Atlantic Ocean?What substance has the chemical formula C17 H21 O4 N?What is Sting`s real name?Who had a hit single with `The Only Way Is Up` in 1988?Which historical event does the London structure called the Monument commemorate?Whitney Houston`s husband Bobby Brown was originally a member of which successful band?Who wrote `Pride And Prejudice`?How many chambers does the heart have?What was the first team to successfully defend the socer World cup?Which animal was first domesticated by humans? The cat or the dog?

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