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April 2003    (Questions 61 to 80 of 109)What is the sea between Arabia and Africa called?Two different actors have won Oscars playing the character of Vito Corleone in two different Godfather films. Who are these two actors?Which `Lion King` character did Jeremy Irons provide the voice for?In 1990, which Irish singer became the first artist to refuse a Grammy award?In which decade was the film `The Exorcist` originally released?What is the administrative centre for the county of Devon?What colour is the Ferrari emblem?What are Oxford Bags? Trousers, Socks or Shoes?Which of the following astrological signs is not classed as an `air` sign? Gemini, Aquarius or Cancer?In the year 1998, how many patents were registered in the United Kingdom?In which country was the 2003 Eurovision song contest be held?What was the name of the bank for which Nick Leeson worked?How many eyes does a bee have? One, Four or Five?Musky Muskrat was the side kick of which cartoon lawman?In 2002, who was the first person to be voted out of the second `Celebrity Big Brother`?How many standard glasses can be poured from a magnum of champagne?In the 1950 movie `Harvey`, what type of animal was Harvey?Which European country first began using house numbers?Which film starring Mel Gibson opens with the song `Jingle Bell Rock`?Which England based animation studio received 6 consecutive Oscar nominations for Best Short Animated Film?

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