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July 2003    (Questions 21 to 40 of 115)In what year did the first successful Mars landings take place? 1970, 1973 or 1976?Which internet company`s has a name which originates from a race mentioned in Jonathon Swift`s `Gulliver`s travels`?Which fiction character from children`s books said `I am a bear of very little brain and long words bother me`?For how many years did the Jurassic period last? 60 million, 180 million or 660 million?What are the names of the four teletubbies?In which James Bond film did the Indian tennis player, Vijay Amritraj appear?Which architect, famous for his seventeenth-century stage designs, is sometimes known as the `English Palladio`?Which of the following colours appears on the flag of Italy? Green, Blue or Yellow?Who was the first American President to visit China?Which element has the chemical symbol `N`?If you live in Albert Square in the TV show `Eastenders`, what would the first three digits of your postcode be?Which band released the single `Hooligan` in 1999?What is the longest river in the world?In which century was Mary, Queen Of Scots executed?Who directed the 2001 film `Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone`?In which TV show would you find the character of Edina Monsoon?The TV series `Sex and the City` is based on a book by which author?What is a male swan called?Who played the title roles in the TV series `Sapphire and Steel`?Who played Lex Luthor in the Superman films?

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