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May 2003    (Questions 61 to 80 of 124)On which TV show was the cartoon show `Top Cat` based?Which English King was killed by an arrow at the battle of Hastings?Which Oasis song includes the line `I know I think I recognise your face, but I haven`t seen you before`?Which of the following characters would you not associate with the Irvine Welsh novel `Trainspotting`? Home-boy, Rent-boy or Sick-boy?As at January 2001, what has been the most aired video in MTV`s history?The main characters on what science fiction TV series met while working together on the `Star Bright Project`?What was the Beach Boys` first single to reach the UK top 40 singles chart?What rank did the leader of the TV series `The A-Team` reach in the army?The name of which game means `I Play` in Latin?Who won the decathlon gold medal at the Olympic games in 1980 and 1984?In the French game boules, what are the two things that a baguette is used for?Which actress wrote the 1987 autobiography `This `n that`?A prune is what type of fruit dried?Which `F` is the capital of the American state of Kentucky?What colour is cobalt?Which of the following Mr. Men are yellow in colour? Mr Nosey, Mr Chatterbox or Mr Bounce?What is the connection between the number one hit singles `Come Outside` (1962), `Every Loser Wins` (1986) and `Perfect Moment` (1999)?Which Eurovision song contest winner completed the 1981 Labour Party slogan `The Tories have a worse record than ...`?What two-letter abbreviation in the computer industry stands for 1,048,576 bytes?Which children’s author wrote the Malory Towers series?

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