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November 2003    (Questions 21 to 40 of 117)What is Shakespeare`s shortest play?What number is meant by a devil`s dozen or a long dozen?In Greek mythology, who was the goddess of marriage, women and childbirth?Which two brothers play the title roles in `The Fabulous Baker Boys`?What is the capital city of New Zealand?In what year did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister?What name is given to the wedding anniversary celebrated after 70 years of marriage?Who plays the title role in the Alfred Hitchcock film `Marnie`?What is the most northerly town in Britain?Why is the American dollar called a `Buck`?In what film did Roger Moore play James Bond for the first time?Which singer had their only chart hit in 1991 with the theme to the Rugby World Cup?What are the two main family names in `Romeo and Juliet`?As at January 2001, what is the highest grossing film of all time?The story `The Incredible Journey` features two dogs and a cat. What type of cat?Which 1992 Robert Altman film featured cameos from Angelica Huston, Burt Reynolds and Cher, all playing themselves?Which organistation`s badge bears the logo `Blood and Fire`?How is the gas Nitrous Oxide better known?In 2000, who became the first female to reach number one in the charts as a soloist, in a duo and as part of a group?What is Bugs Bunny`s catchphrase?

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