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November 2003    (Questions 41 to 60 of 117)In what year was London due to host the Olympic Games, but couldn`t because of the Second World War?Which band had top ten hits in the 1990s with `When Love And Hate Collide` and `Let`s Get Rocked`?Which song was a hit for both Freddie Mercury and The Platters?Which sport is the 1988 film `Bull Durham` centered around?What is the chemical symbol for the element Helium?Who recorded albums called `Dangerous` and `Bad`?How many white keys are there on a standard piano?Which of the following teams were not involved in the first football league in 1888? Wolverhampton Wanderers, Blackpool or Everton?What 1963 film features `The Cooler King`, `The Scrounger`, `The Forger` and `Big X`?Which group had top ten hits in the UK in the 1990s with `No, No, No` and `Bills, Bills, Bills`?Who produced, directed and starred in `Citizen Kane`?Diane Leather became the first woman to do what in under 5 minutes?The name of which month of the year is derived from the Roman God of war?What was Roald Dahl`s follow up to his book `Charlie And The Chocolate Factory` called?Which actor and actress played the leading roles in the TV series `Moonlighting`?In which American city is Sears Tower?What nationality is lager compnay Grolsch?In what film did Tom Cruise play Ron Kovic?What were the names of the children of Elliot & Ruth Handler?What would an antiquarian collect?

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