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August 2004    (Questions 1 to 20 of 122)In what year was the last judicial hanging in Britain?
1964Which song includes the line `She`ll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain`?
`Livin` La Vie Da Loca` (by Ricky Martin)Which sport would you associate with Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard and Wayne Gretzky?
Ice hockeyWhich female singer had a top ten hit with `Another Suitcase In Another Hall` in 1997?
MadonnaWhich Cliff Richard single was at number one over Christmas in the UK in 1988?
`Mistletoe and Wine`In which American state is San Quentin prison?
CaliforniaWho painted `The Birth Of Venus` and `Mars And Venus`?
Sandro BotticelliIn `The Simpsons`, what type of animal is Santa`s Little Helper?
A DogWho had a number one hit with `Tiger Feet` in 1974?
MudIn what year was the company Microsoft founded?
1975What is Cliff Richard`s real name?
Harry WebbIn `Doctor Who`, what was the name of the chief of the Daleks?
DavrosWhich ice cream has been advertised on TV to the tune of `It`s Now Or Never`?
CornettoWho was the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917?
LeninWho created the police drama series `Prime Suspect`?
Lynda La PlanteIn which TV comedy show would you find Dave Lister?
`Red Dwarf`What is the capital of Hungary?
BudapestWhich Beatles song was a number one for `Ferry Aid`?
`Let It Be`What nationality is the racing driver Mikka Hakkinen?
FinnishWho was the first English monarch to be addressed as `Your Majesty`?
Henry VIII

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