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August 2004    (Questions 61 to 80 of 122)What is the name of the female singer in the band Everything But The Girl?Who in 1988 became the first boxer to win world titles at 5 officially recognises weights?In what year was Top Of The Pops first shown?In which 1993 film does Bill Murray play Phil Connors?In which country was the 1999 Rugby World Cup held?Which of the following colours does not appear on the Belgian flag? Green, Red or Yellow?What is the diameter of a puck used in ice-hockey? 3 inches, 4 inches or 5 inches?Who was Elton John`s `Candle in the Wind` originally written about?What is the colour of the dragon on the Welsh flag?Alan White replaced Tony McCarroll as the drummer for which band?In 1965, who became country music`s first female millionaire?Which pop group took its name from a character in the film `Barbarella`?As at February 2001, which is the only brand marketed by Richard Bransom which does not have the brand name `Virgin` attached to it?How many American cents make up a dime?What is represented by the number 12 on the Beaufort Scale?From which country did the card game bridge originate?Which of the following is not a proper football team? Swansea Rovers, Swindon Town or Aston Villa?0131 is the dialing code for which British city?Which Spice Girl had a number one single with `I Turn To You`?What famous song did Francis Scott Key write in 1814?

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