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February 2004    (Questions 41 to 60 of 113)How old was William Shakespeare when he died?What was the name given to the trials of 24 Nazi leaders for war crimes in 1945?What is the name of the smallest planet in our Solar System?Which US author said in his autobiography `There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics`?In which American city might you see a Broadway show?What is the common title of hit singles by Holly Johnson and The O`Jays?In which film did Whoopi Goldberg win an Oscar playing the character of Oda May?On which children`s TV show might you find Mrs Goggins?Brontophobia is the fear of what? Thunder or Lightning?Which sculptor created `The Thinker`?Which band released the 1987 album `Appetite For Destruction`?Which band`s first single was `Running Free` in 1980?In the Bible, what were the names of Noah`s three sons?What TV programme is shown in France as `Aux Frontieres du Reel`?What does a kleptomaniac compulsively do?In which American city are Madison Square Gardens?Who was author Ian Fleming`s original choice to play James Bond on film, but who couldn`t do it as he was already comitted to a TV series?Before becoming a pop star, Lisa Stansfield was a presenter on which British music show?The Rio Grande borders Mexico and which other country?How many states is Australia divided into?

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