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Which Apollo moon mission was the first to carry a lunar rover vehicle?
Apollo 15
What is the boiling point of water using the scientific kelvin scale of temperature measurement
373k - kelvins
In what year were the Orkney Islands reannexed to Scotaland from Norway
What is the collective noun for a group of moles?
A labour
How many stones did David take for his fight with Goliath? One, Five or Fifteen?
In what year was Barack Obama born?
Who did Ted Turner, the media tycoon, marry in 1991?
Jane Fonda
What was the name of King Henry VIII`s older brother?
Arthur (died in 1502 whilst still heir presumptive)
Who created Wikipedia on the World Wide Web?
Jimmy Wales
When world boomerang throwing championships were held from 1981, which country won it in 12 out of the first 13 years?
USA (Australia only won it once)
In which year did Royal Mail introduce self adhesive stamps? 2001, 2003 or 2005?
What is the name of the famous statue by Edvard Eriksen, unveiled on the 23rd August, 1913?
The Little Mermaid (in Copenhagen)
In the TV show Family Guy, what is the name of the Griffins` lecherous neighbour?
Glenn Quagmire
Which singer had hits with Rubber Ball and The Night Has A Thousand Eyes?
Bobby Vee
What were the character names of the two hitmen in Pulp Fiction?
Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield
What sized ball is a game of netball played with?
Size 5
What is the collective name for a group of sea cucumbers?
A pickle
In which city would you find Canada`s largest Stock Exchange?
Written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, which poem starts with the line `On either side of the river lie`?
The Lady of Shalott
What is ylang-ylang - a herb or a flower?

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