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What year was the first motor race held that was classed as Formula 1?
In the wild west, how was Henry McCarty better known?
On what day of the year is St Georges day held?
Gala, Jonagold and Pink Lady are varieties of which fruit?
The highest temperature ever recorded outside in the shade was recorded in Azizah, in Africa. In which country is this city located?
What is the only Central American country in which baseball, not soccer, is the people's favourite sport?
In which country is the highest mountain in South America?
Who wrote the novel Revolutionary Road, which was made into a successful feature film?
Who won the 2009 Rugby World Sevens Cup?
Tokelau is a dependency of which country?
Who was the author of Whisky Galore?
What is sciophobia the fear of?
Winnepeg is the capital of which Canadian province?
Which shipping forecast area is to the directly north of Ireland?
Who had a two ounce stone cut from his bladder in 1658?
What type of material is produced in a ginnery?
Who played Jane opposite Johnny Weissmuller`s Tarzan in 1932?
Which three letters did SOS replace as a Morse mayday signal?
Which US city is home to sporting teams known as the Browns, the Cavaliers and the Indians?
Which state is home to the Joshua Tree National Park?

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