1. Which country has the airline KLM?
2. What two letters are worth the most in a game of Scrabble?
3. What are the three primary colours of light?
4. After how many years of marriage would you celebrate your ruby anniversary?
5. Where would a "troglodyte" live? In a cave, up a tree or underwater?
6. How many counters does each player have at the start of a game of backgammon?
7. What is the only sign of the zodiac not named after a living creature, and what is it named after?
8. How many centimetres make up a hand, the measurement used on horses?
9. What do the initials YMCA stand for?
10. What are the six murder weapons used in a game of "Cluedo"?
Tie Break In what year did the weather forecast appear in The Times newspaper for the first time?