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1.What colour is the number 10 on the door of 10 Downing Street? White, Yellow or Brown?
2.What was advertised with Eva Herzagovia using the slogan "hello boys"?
3.What number in Bingo is sometimes referred to as "Heinz varieties"?
4.How many housing property squares are there on a Monopoly board?
5.Is the bottom stripe on the USA flag red or white?
6.How many times does the letter "p" occur in the first line of the tongue twister about Peter Piper?
7.Which line on the London Underground is represented by the colour yellow?
8.If a month has a Friday the thirteenth then on what day of the week would that month begin?
9.Out of all the animals which make up the Chinese horoscope, which comes first alphabetically?
10.Which year is represented by the seven Roman numerals listed in descending order?
Tie BreakThe largest ever teddy bears picnic was held in Dublin in 1995. How many bears were there?