Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.What distance is covered in one circuit of a modern outdoor running track?
2.Who was the first snooker player to score a maximum 147 break in World Championship snooker?
3.In boxing, which weight category comes in between Flyweight and Featherweight?
4.In what country was the game of golf invented?
5.How many players in total get down in a normal rugby union scrum?
6.What is the minimum number of darts a person needs to throw to complete a leg from 501?
7.What was the first British football team to win the European Cup?
8.How many players make up a netball team?
9.In the Olympic Games, what five sports make up the modern pentathlon?
10.What is the maximum no of match points that can be held at one time in a tennis match at Wimbledon?
Tie BreakIn what year was the first World Snooker Championship held?