Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.What is the only venomous snake in Britain?
2.Built in 1869, which famous British ship was named after a Scottish undergarment?
3.A British TV audience outnumbered a British radio audience for the first time for what special occasion?
4.In which British city would you find Arthur's Seat?
5.The popular British pub name "The Royal Oak" is named after which King?
6.What is the Welsh word for Wales?
7.What is the longest river in Scotland?
8.What is the oldest University in Britain?
9.In which British city was Guy Fawkes born and Dick Turpin killed?
10.Captain Matthew Webb, famous for swimming the English Channel, drowned in 1883 attempting to swim what?
Tie BreakIn which year was British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval assasinated?