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Can you identify the songs from which the following lyrics are taken?

1."Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?" (1970s)
2."Strangled by the wishes of pater" (1980s)
3."There`s no beginning, there'll be no end" (1960s)
4."We come in peace, shoot to kill" (1980s)
5."Look at those cavemen go" (1970s)
6."Our love is a mystery, girl let's get inside it" (1990s)
7."If I had an aeroplane, I still couldn't make it on time" (1980s)
8."I took her to a supermarket" (1990s)
9."I'm worth a million in prizes" (1970s)
10."I bought a ticket to the world but now I've come back again" (1980s)