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1.James Earl Ray was responsible for who's death in 1968?
Martin Luther King's
2.Who created havoc in 1938, when his radio broadcast of "The War Of The Worlds" was believed to be true?
Orson Welles
3.Which major British newspaper closed down for almost a year in 1978?
The Times
4.What were Benjy and Laska, which were sent into space in 1958?
5.Who was the biggest selling female artist in America in the 1990s?
Mariah Carey
6.Which British monarch was on the throne at the beginning of the 20th Century?
Queen Victoria
7.Which American President saw active service in both the first and second World Wars?
8.Why was Louise Brown famous in 1978?
She was the first test-tube baby
9.In what year was London due to host the Olympic Games, but couldn't because of the Second World War?
10.Which three films did Steven Spielberg direct that were among the top ten highest grossing films of the 20th century?
"Jurassic Park", "E.T." and "The Lost World"
Tie BreakIn what year in the 20th century was the Miss World contest held for the first time?