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1.Which famous book begins with the line "Marley was dead, at least to begin with"?
"A Christmas Carol"
2.What nationality was painter Salvador Dali?
3.The name Wendy was first made up in which famous book?
"Peter Pan"
4.What 1948 novel was originally going to be called "The Last Man in Europe"?
5.A painting by which artist was sold for 5.1 million pounds in June 1996?
6.Which famous novel was based on the real-life exploits of Alexander Selkirk?
"Robinson Crusoe"
7.Which of Shakespeare's plays has a title which is also a proverb?
"All's Well That Ends Well"
8.Which two cities are referred to in the title of Charles Dickens' "Tale Of Two Cities"?
London and Paris
9.What were the christian names of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
Henry (Jekyll) and Edward (Hyde)
10.What were the christian names of the three Bronte sisters?
Anne, Charlotte and Emily
Tie BreakIn which year was the Encyclopedia Britannica first published?