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Can you work out the phrases from the initial letters and numbers (e.g. "8 T on an O" = "8 Tentacles on an Octopus")

1.9 P in the S S
9 Planets in the Solar System
2.88 K on a P
88 Keys on a Piano
3.6 B to an O in C
6 Balls to an Over in Cricket
4.2 S to an A
2 Sides to an Argument
5.64 S on a C B
64 Squares on a Chess Board
6.18 H on a G C
18 Holes on a Golf Course
7.8 P in a G
8 Pints in a Gallon
8.24 W on an A C
24 Windows on an Advent Calendar
9.3 W on a T
3 Wheels on a Tricycle
10.39 B of the O T
39 Books of the Old Testament