1. Which three different actors played Batman in the movies between 1989 and 1997?
 Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney
2. Which singer provides the voice of Chef in the animated TV comedy series "South Park"?
 Isaac Hayes
3. In what American TV series did David Duchovny play a transvestite agent of the Drug Enforcement Agency?
 "Twin Peaks"
4. What was the last James Bond film in which Roger Moore starred?
 "A View To A Kill"
5. What was the sequel to the 1991 film the "Addams Family" called?
 "Addams Family Values"
6. In which American city was the TV show "Cheers" set?
7. Heather, Joshua and Michael were the three main characters in which 1999 film?
 "The Blair Witch Project"
8. Who were the first animated television couple to sleep in a double bed?
 Fred and Wilma Flintsone
9. What 1980 comedy film features the character Ted Striker?
10. In the TV show "The Young Ones", what were the first names of the four main characters?
 Rick, Neil, Mike and Vyvian
Tie Break Tom Baker played Doctor Who in how many episodes of the TV series?