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1.A man rode into town on Friday, stayed for three days and three nights and then rode out, again on Friday. How could this be possible?
The man's horse was called Friday
2.I am so fragile that when you say my name you break me. What am I?
3.I can run, but I can't walk. I've got a mouth, but I can't talk. I have a head, but I never weep. I have a bed, but I never sleep. What am I?
A river
4.Mary's father has got four daughters. The first is called Ann, the second is called Anna and the third is called Annie. What is the name of the other daughter?
Mary. (Read the question again!)
5.A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. Noticing something strange about the way the man said this, the barman pulled out a gun. The man said thank you and walked out without getting his glass of water. How can this be explained?
The man had hiccups, and the barman noticed this when he asked for some water, so pulled out a gun to give him a fright. This cured the man's hiccups, so he had no need for his glass of water anymore.
6.A woman was pushing her car. When she stopped at a hotel, she realised she was bankrupt. Why?
She was playing Monopoly
7.I have keys, but no locks. I have space, but no room. You can enter, but you can't come in. What am I?
A keyboard
8.A man walks into a shop and asks the shopkeeper how much one would cost. The shopkeeper replies "1.20", so the man asks how much three would cost. The shopkeeper replies "2.40". The man then asks for one hundred and thirty and hands 3.60 to the shopkeeper. What was he buying?
Numbers to make up a house sign - each number cost 1.20.
9.John, Paul, George and Ringo all live in the same house. John and Ringo go out for the evening, and when they return find Paul lying dead on the floor in a puddle of water, surrounded by broken glass. John and Ringo know that George must have killed Paul. Why do they not even think about calling the police?
George is a cat and Paul is a goldfish.
10.An aeroplane carrying 40 people crashed over the Atlantic Ocean, with every single person being killed. Yet two passengers survived. How is this possible?
They were married.