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1.In the year 2000, ruby shoes worn in a famous film by which actress were auctioned for over 666,000 dollars?
2.In the TV series `Grange Hill` what was Tucker Jenkins first name?
3.Which British pop group got their name from the Italian for `political writing`?
4.Who provided the voice of the baby in the film 'Look Who's Talking'?
5.Which famous Hollywood actor has both a first name and surname which are surnames of American presidents?
6.Who had a number one hit in 1992 with `Would I Lie To You`?
7.The 1992 Oscar winning best song `Whole New World` was from which film?
8.Who was the oldest singer to have a solo number one in the 1990s?
9.Which 1967 film featured the character of Benjamin Braddock?
10.What was the name of the character played by Anna Friel in the TV soap opera `Brookside`?

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