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1.Who is the Lev Yashin award given to at the end of World Cup finals?
The goalkeeper voted the best in the tournament
2.In the song "On The Ball" by Ant and Dec, who passes to Beckham?
3.Which manager was in charge of the Scotland team in the 1986 World Cup Finals?
Alex Ferguson
4.Which German is currently the overall top scorer in the history of World Cup Finals with 14 goals?
Gerd Muller
5.At the age of 42, which Cameroon player became the oldest ever to play in the World Cup Finals?
Roger Milla
6.Which British team were knocked out of the 1974 World Cup Finals on goal difference, but ended up the only unbeaten side in the competition?
7.Currently playing club football in Britain, which footballer scored the goal which knocked Brazil out of the 1990 World Cup Finals?
Claudio Cannigia
8.In 1938, which country became the first to successfully defend the World Cup?
9.What is the common number of goals scored by the winners of the Golden Boot award for top goalscorer in the last 7 World Cups?
10.What was controversial about West Germany's 1-0 victory over Austria in 1982?
The match was accused of being fixed as the scoreline meant both teams would qualify for the knockout stages
Tie BreakAfter how many minutes and seconds was Jose Batista sent off against Scotland in 1986, the fastest ever sending off in World Cup history?
0 minutes and 56 seconds