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1.The 1991 novel "Scarlett" by Alexandra Ripley was a sequel to which other novel?
"Gone With The Wind"
2.Which famous book by Herman Melville opens with the line "Call Me Ishmael"?
"Moby Dick"
3.Which of the following authors had more of their books borrowed from libraries in the UK in the year 2000 than the others? Danielle Steel, Ruth Rendell or Patricia Cornwell
Danielle Steel
4.By what name was Percy Blakeney better known in a novel by Baroness Orczy?
The Scarlet Pimpernel
5.What is the name given to the system for categorising library books?
Dewey Decimal System
6.For what novel did J. K. Rowling win the 1999 Whitbread "Children's book of the year" award?
"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
7.Behind Shakespeare, who is the second most published author of all time?
Charles Dickens
8.What is the name of the young hero in "Treasure Island"?
Jim Hawkins
9.Which Thomas Harris novel was the top selling adult fiction novel of the year 2000 in the UK?
10.Mrs Tiggie Winkle appears in what series of books?
"The Tales Of Beatrix Potter"
Tie BreakIn what year was the first public library in the UK opened?