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Can you find the connection that links each of the answers to the first nine questions?

1.In which 1994 film did Whoopi Goldberg provide the voice of a hyena called Shenzi?
2.Which company is responsible for "Mates" condoms?
3.What name was given to Columbian goalkeeper Rene Higuita's spectacular clearance against England, when he dived under the ball and back-heeled it while airborne?
4.Which pop group were formed in Sheffield in 1977 and took there name from a pair of detectives in the "Adventures of Tin Tin"?
5."Fierce Creatures" was the follow up to which successful comedy film?
6.From which animal does Cashmere wool come from?
7.In Greek mythology, what creature had a mans head, trunk and arms, and a horse's body and legs?
8.Hermit, spider and blue are all types of which creature?
9.In which film did Robert De Niro play boxer Jake La Motta?
10.What is the connection?

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