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1.Valerie Tatlock was the first wife of which soap opera character?
2.Which 1980s TV series starred Bob Peck as a police inspector investigating the mysterious death of his daughter?
3.In `Fawlty Towers`, which city did Manuel come from?
4.`The Dog In The Pond` is a pub associated with which TV show?
5.Which famous film actress provides Maggie`s first word in the Simpsons episode `Lisa`s First Word`?
6.What was the first name of Gary Coleman`s character in `Different Strokes`?
7.In the TV series `Blackadder` which character suggested that Edmund should call himself `The Black Adder`?
8.Who played Rene Artois in `Allo Allo`?
9.In the original series of `Malcolm In The Middle` how many people lived in Malcolm`s house?
10.Chaos 2, Roadblock and Inquistor are all associated with which TV show?

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