1. Who won the PFA Players Player of the Year award after his first Premiership season in 2001/02?
2. Brian Deane scored the first ever Premiership goal for which team?
3. In the 2001/02 Premiership season, what percentage of Arsenal's goals were scored by overseas players? 72%, 82% or 92%?
4. Who was the top scorer in the first English Premiership in 1992/93, playing for both Nottingham Forest and Tottenham Hotspur?
5. What shirt number did Nicky Butt, Emile Heskey and Gustavo Poyet wear in the 2001/02 Premiership season?
6. After the 1994/95 Premiership season, which Tottenham Hotspur player became the first foreigner to win the footballer of the year award?
7. Which team won the first English Premiership in 1992/93?
8. Playing for Leeds United in August 1992, who became the first player to score a hat-trick in the Premiership?
9. Who were the first team to field an all foreign starting line up in the English Premiership?
10. As at the start of the 2002/03 season, who is the Premiership's all-time top scorer?
Tie Break How many own goals were scored in the 2001/02 Premiership season?